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Financial Services Advisory

Investment Firms

AMF Global helps you obtain an EU Investment Firm License from CySEC, an EU Investment Firm License from any other EU Authority or non-EU investment firm license.

The team members of AMF Global have been involved in the field of registration of EU Investment Firms (IF) including Forex Brokers and Market Makers, since 2008 while they have succeeded in registering as consultants multiple Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) under MiFID, Belize IFs, BVI IFs and New Zealand IFs .

Due to our specialization, long and specific experience in the field, the registration process for all these CIFs took minimum time after the submission of the respective application files.

Our services include:

— Consulting on the form of a financial group’s presence in Cyprus and the rest of the EU (IF, CIF, Investment Branch or other, depending on the Client’s needs) as well as outside EU

— Advisory support towards authorisation and registration of an Investment Firm

— Preparation of the Application File in accordance with current regulatory requirements, to include, among others:

  • design and build the IF structure, and based on your needs (in a way that it shall be cost-efficient)
  • prepare a custom-built Operations Manual, in the most efficient manner, and based on your needs,
  • prepare the Money Laundering Manual and the Know Your Client (KYC) policies, in the most efficient manner and based on your needs,
  • prepare the business plan
  • complete the application form to be submitted to the relevant regulatory authority
  • review the questionnaires of the shareholders, directors and heads of departments of the proposed IF
  • locate qualified executive and non-executive directors (if needed)
  • complete the relevant checklists
  • prepare necessary justifications to be submitted to the relevant regulatory authority, as applicable
  • prepare the letter(s) to accompany the application, in the events that any exceptions may be requested, as applicable
  • guide you in providing all the necessary documentation and certificates
  • answer to any relevant questions concerning the application process
  • undertake to be responding, on your behalf, to the Authority’s queries, and suggestions relating to the application.
  • Locating qualified Directors and personnel for a/an CIF/IF
  • Full legal, accounting and auditing support of a/an CIF/IF

Forex and Binary Option Brokers

AMF Global will help you establish, license and register your Forex and / or Binary Options Brokerage and Market Making firm in Cyprus, as well as elsewhere in the EU, and provide you with a full range of tailor made support services in very competitive prices, made possible through our specialisation and unique expertise in the field. In the highly competitive world of Forex trading and Binary Options, AMF Global guarantees your regulatory coverage and support within the EU for you to grow your business!

Online Forex and binary options trading is growing larger every day. Investors are becoming increasingly interested in it and at the same time much more demanding. A plethora of FX Brokerage firms is now active in the retail and professional markets whilst a growing number of FX Brokerage firms are being licensed, in an increasingly regulated, competitive and demanding environment.

Internal Audit & Compliance Support Services

AMF Global provides full and comprehensive Internal Audit, Special Investigations and Compliance Support (MiFID) Services to a great number of European and non-European Investment Firms. Our duly certified internal auditors and experienced compliance officers are continuously trained and supported by one of the largest team of experts in the EU to provide to European Investment Firms:

  • Full Internal Audit Services, in accordance with the Home State regulatory bodies’ requirements of the financial institution
  • Full range of comprehensive Compliance Support Services (MiFID), by a qualified team of legal experts and professionals
  • Q&A MiFID Compliance e-Support
  • Special investigations and due diligence of processes and procedures by requests of the Board or Management
  • Preparation and documentation of tailor made internal procedures and processes in accordance with client needs and in accordance with the relevant EU regulatory bodies’ requirements
  • Preparation of internal audit reports for management and company’s Internal Audit Committee
  • Independent ‘compliance checks’ of EU Investment Firms necessary to keep their internal procedures in full compliance with the fast-changing European regulatory environment
  • Provision of on-site personnel for compliance assistance
  • Monthly/quarterly compliance reports
  • Compliance support for KYC and Anti-Money Laundering procedures
  • Q&A Know-Your-Client (KYC) support
  • Assistance in requesting exceptions and extension under the Law, from the relevant EU authorities

For more information and to compare our prices please feel free to contact us.

Payment Institutions & Electronic Money Institutions

We can assist you in the establishment of a Payment/Electronic Money Institution either in the Republic of Cyprus through the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) or in the United Kingdom through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

An application for the granting of a licence for Payment Services either in the UK or Cyprus follows the “EU Parliament Directive 2007/64/EC” therefore the application process is very similar.

Electronic Money and Payment Institutions are only granted to legal persons with their head office and incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus/UK and must meet the following requirements:

The amount of the initial capital as well as the amount of own funds that payment/electronic money institutions are required to maintain
The methods for safeguarding the funds received by payment/electronic money institutions
The criteria which an agent of a payment/electronic money institution must fulfil in order to be listed in the public register maintained by the CBC / FCA

A Payment/Electronic money Institution established in the Republic of Cyprus / UK has the freedom to provide services in another E.U. member states and/or have its operation authorisation extended to cover additional payment services by submitting further applicable documents.

For the purpose of obtaining an authorisation as a Payment Institution / Electronic Money Institution, interested persons must submit an application to the CBC/FCA accordingly accompanied by the information and documents prescribed in the relevant directives and laws.

What AMF Global can do:

  • Consult on design of the Institution Structure.
  • Complete the Application Form to be submitted to the CBC / FCA
  • Prepare the required Internal Operations Manual according to EU regulations.
  • Prepare the Business Plan and financial projections.
  • Prepare the Procedures Manual for the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.
  • Assist in the preparation of the company shareholder, director and senior management Questionnaires.
  • Follow-up the application during the process of assessment by the CBC / FCA.
  • Assist in company personnel appointments (senior management & service providers).

Investor services

  • Client transaction processing
  • Due diligence and KYC
  • Settlement and registration
  • Reconciliation and control
  • Shareholder and intermediary maintenance and reporting
  • Processing of distributions
  • Payment of commissions
  • Entry/Exit fee calculation
  • Investor tax reporting